Aug 6, 2020



August 2020

In the world of residential real estate marketing, lavish descriptions of “master bedroom” or “master suite” are a key element of floor plan descriptions. The underlying intent is to convey a sense of serene personal space and retreat, especially for the buyers of luxury homes.

But like the advent of virtual tours and so many other facets of the business, the use of the term “master bedroom” is changing as well. While the origins of the term are unclear, it racist and sexist undertones are apparent to many.

The Houston Association of Realtors stop using the term in June. The Real Estate Standards Organization recently decided to replace  it in its Data Dictionary, a universal language system that keeps the industry consistent across digital platforms. The Real Estate Board of New York is also voting to remove it from its residential listing services.

The replacement term that’s currently in the lead? Primary bedroom. As for the “his and hers” ensuite bathroom, it’s now a gender neutral “shared” bathroom.

These may seem like small steps, but they reflect a positive shift in the prevailing mindset. And small steps, hopefully lead to bigger ones.

Here’s a link to the article that ran in the New York Times: