Jul 22, 2020



A note from Gavin Swartzman

CEO, Peerage Realty

July 22, 2020

The single best part of my job is working closely with our remarkable Partners and their extended teams.

Among those Partners, Pat Baker, founder of Baker Real Estate Incorporated, has always been the gold standard and is a highly valued member of our Peerage Realty Family. We’ve had a very successful relationship for the past 13 years, and it’s been a privilege to work with an individual of such experience, integrity and grace.

Still, as we all know, families are always evolving and shifting – it’s what keeps them dynamic and healthy. So when Pat recently announced her intent to step away from her formal role as Chair of the company she founded in 1993, we were fully supportive. The fact that she has agreed to continue offering counsel and advice to the Baker team on an ongoing and informal basis, is very good news.

Pat is the powerhouse who spotted an opportunity in the early days of Toronto’s condominium market and built Baker Real Estate into the leader in the marketing and sales of new developments. All of us are deeply grateful for Pat’s remarkable contribution to the Peerage Realty family and all she has done as both colleague and friend.

We wish Pat all the best in her next chapter.