November 04, 2021

Diwali – The Festival of Lights

The Indo-Canadian community in Canada is vibrant and growing.


According to the census conducted by Statistics Canada in 2016, 1.4 million Indo-Canadians were resident in the country. Since then, the number has continued to grow, making it among the largest groups of newcomers to Canada. Not surprisingly, the Punjabi-language version of Hockey Night in Canada – hosted by star commentator Harnarayan Singh – has some of the best numbers in the National Hockey League. (Earlier this year, Singh crossed over to call NHL games in English.)


As these communities have spread across Canada, there are more options than ever to celebrate Diwali, the five-day annual Festival of Lights that is celebrated globally by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and some Buddhists. In 2021, the festive lights will shine a little brighter in the aftermath of the strict lockdowns in 2020 – although online options abound.


While the overarching focus is on prayer and positivity, each day of Diwali has some specific elements:


Day One – Devoted to prayer and cleansing through cleaning and by purchasing goods that exhibit luck and prosperity.

Day Two – Houses are often decorated with clay lamps called diyas

Day Three – The highlight of Diwali falls on the third day of celebration. Families pray for prosperity and celebrate with displays of lights, candles, and fireworks to rid the darkness and evil forces.

Day Four –  Celebrated with gift-giving families exchange presents and best wishes.

Day Five – The celebration ends with a feast of traditional meals to bring people together, traditionally the specific bond between siblings.


While Diwali festivities can take the form of festivals, gatherings, or shopping for gifts and new clothes, many of the Diwali traditions also take place at home. A variety of sweets are always a highlight ranging from Rasmalai to Kaju Barfi to Gulab Jamun – and more!


If you want to share the in the celebration of Diwali,  check out the festival of lights in communities where Peerage Realty Partners are active in the community;




Visit Little India for delicious street foods, contemporary and classical dancers in extravagant costume, and brightly-lit and decorated storefronts filling the streets.




Celebrated virtually and in-person, DiwaliFest is typically a time for universal inclusiveness and the showcase of diverse performances, through the celebration of arts and culture. For those who prefer to celebrate at home, there is the option of Diwali Fest, a digital showcase.


As part of the celebration the Vancouver Canucks are dedicating a Diwali-themed night Friday, November 5th at the Rogers Arena, hosting DJ Heer on the plaza as fans enter the arena, immersing fans with an interactive photo wall so fans can write a message of prosperity before hanging their own lantern, among other themed festivities to enrich the community and celebrate Diwali.




Bond with the ones you love and rejoice together with Diwali centered celebrations in Denver, Colorado and nearby cities! Little India Restaurant & Bar located in Denver signifies the importance of the celebration through the taste of savoury foods and tradition.




The Hard Rock Café is hosting a Bollywood Diwali Bash and a Diwali Gala is slated for Roof on the Wit.



Happy Diwali to all who celebrate from Peerage Realty Partners!

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Peerage Realty Partners is a subsidiary of Peerage Capital Group.

1325 Lawrence Avenue East, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M3A 1C6

Peerage Realty Partners is a subsidiary of Peerage Capital Group.